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OUSHU EGF LIQUID FACIAL SOAP (Make up Remover & Cleanser)

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Take advantage of the most advanced technology, keep faith with the natural and mild deep cleansing of concept liquid soap, contain the extraction essence comprised of EGF beauty factor, beautiful golden chamomile, lavender and etc, through the delicate elastic dense foam, rinse the skin while moisturizing-nourishing and refreshing and nourishing the skin, get your skin rid of dark, yellow and dull problem, create white delicate baby muscle.


Facial Soap with Foam (150ml) 


1. Please fully shake before using and then press about small amounts in the same size table tennis.

2. Smear on your face and avoid eye contact.

3. Firstly, massage and clean with the pulp by T and then gently massage the cheek by way circle for about 30 to 60 seconds in order to promote blood circulation and compact facial skin.

4. Rinse with clear water or warm water. 

5. Subsequently, you can concomitant use with other products of OUSHU for caring. 

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