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VIB Essence Cover Pact Original

RM 55.00


Beautiful radiant translucent skin!!

VIB water power condensate contains four kinds of natural gem ingredients, giving your skin a shiny transparent luster!. Contain a unique concealer composition close to the skin, no heavy and thick sensation like the ordinary compact powder. The unique sebum attached ingredients. Can prevent halo makeup and to maintain exquisite long lasting makeup. 

Isolated sunscreen health skin care the market looking finish products dazzling, but also the main sunscreen cushion, but the other effect is relatively week. VIB Moisturizing Cream adds up to SPF3- sunscreen factor, with 24 hours lasting sunscreen.


Sophora Flavescens , Ophiopogon Japonicus , Trehalose , Opuntia Streptacantha , Dragosantol , Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate


VIB Essence Cover Pact original 

New formulated Foundation + BB + CC + UV Protection + Essence suitable for all skin types better than BB cushion.


1) Whitening 

2) Anti-aging 

3) Moisturizing 

4) Waterproof 

5) Contains 68% of Hyaluronic essence 

6) UV Protection SPF 30+

7) Perfect coverage

8) Latest technology 

9) Cheaper and reasonable to buy ours (compare with BB cushion and foundation, Quality ensured)


1 x VIB Essence Cover Pact Original 12gm

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